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This site contains the landscape and nature photos of John Davies. John's interest in photography began at the age of 12 when he and his sister purchased a Canon AE1 camera and black & white darkroom equipment. John currently uses Canon 40D and 50D digital cameras. John's lenses include:

John was certified as an Open Water Diver in 1985. After many years of diving, John's wife gave him a Sea & Sea Motor Marine II-EX film camera. John discovered the exciting and challenging world of underwater photography and was immediately hooked!

Photos in the oldest galleries, up to and including Maui 2003, are taken with the Motor Marine camera. The camera had TTL strobe control, but required manual setting of the focus distance, aperture, and shutter speed. Both macro and wide angle lenses could be installed and removed underwater, providing the flexibility to shoot a range of subjects on the same dive.

In 2003 John replaced the Motor Marine film camera with a Nikon Coolpix 5000 in a Light & Motion Tetra housing. The change to digital was liberating. The ability to take 100+ photos on each dive, combined with the instant feedback from digital, made the learning curve much less steep. The photos in the Solomon Islands 2003 gallery and the Maui 2004 gallery were taken with the CP5000 system.

The rapid advances in digital cameras resulted in early retirement of the Nikon CP5000, which had a slow autofocus system that was very frustrating. John next used a Canon 20D camera in a Subal housing, along with dual Inon Z220 strobes. The 20D had a fast, accurate autofocus system. Wide angle photos are taken with a Canon EF-S 10-22 mm lens or a Tokina 10-17 mm fisheye lens. Macro shots and fish portraits use a Canon EF-S 60 mm macro lens. All galleries from Port Hardy 2005 through Grand Cayman 2008 are with the Canon 20D system.

John next upgraded to a Canon 40D camera in a customized Subal housing, along with dual Inon Z240 strobes. The Subal housing was modified by Reef Photo and Video, where they replaced the electrical bulkheads with fibre optic connections, allowing connection to the Z240 strobes using optical fibres. You can check out Digital Diver for more info on the modifications. Wide angle photos are taken with a Tokina 10-17 mm fisheye lens. Macro shots and fish portraits use a Canon EF-S 60 mm macro lens. All galleries from Port Hardy 2008 onwards are with the Canon 40D system.

John's early days of diving occurred almost exclusively in Maui, Hawaii. In recent years John has expanded his diving to other areas, but he still enjoys returning to the familiar waters of South Maui. When in Maui, John dives with Ed Robinson's Diving Adventures, a dive company that has demonstrated the "aloha spirit" to John for over 15 years.


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